Gaia no yoake / The Dawn of Gaia (2002-
created on September 11,2008
IMDb: Gaia no yoake
Release date: April 14, 2002
Genre: Documentary

K?ji Yakusho ...  Himself - Host / ... (283 episodes, 2002-2007)
Keizo Kanie ...  Himself - Narrator


From Koji Yakusho news (April, 2002)

oji Yakusho fans are now looking forward to the coming of every Sunday evening:
On April 14 (Sun), a 60-minute serial TV documentary program, called "Gaia no Yoake (The Dawn of Gaia) started on TV Tokyo at 10:00 p.m. Yakusho appeared as a "navigator" in this program. The role of navigator means that Yakusho suggests the theme of each episode, performing various roles by appearing on the screen three times, in the first, middile and last scenes.

"Gaia no Yoake" is a documentary which features people who challenge their ordeals and using ingenuity try to cut through the hard times in various fields of business such as banking
( episode 1 ) and baseball business.(episode 2).

Yakusho fans are now extremely happy to see the program every Sunday evening because they can enjoy Yakusho's superb acting. He lookes very smart!

It is currently on air at 10:00 p.m. (j.s.t.) every Tuesday.

If you click
here, you can see one example of Koji yakusho's three appearances in this program.

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